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Committed to producing sustainable, innovative architecture

At Willoughby Architects we are committed to producing sustainable architecture through the innovative application of established principles of ecologically sustainable design.

We believe everyone has the right to live in a healthy, light-filled, energy and water efficient home and our expertise in natural heating and cooling, sustainable materials and water conservation maximises the environmental performance of our buildings whilst informing our unique architectural aesthetic.

Don't know what to look for in an architect or what questions to ask?

Finding the perfect match in an architect can sometimes seem an intimidating prospect. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what questions to ask and what to look for.  We’ve created a guide that shows you how. Use this free guide to help you find the right architect for your design, your budget and for you.

What's involved in a project?

Our job is to turn your ideas and aspirations into imaginative, workable solutions – and it's what we love to do.


When you contact us we will run through a "reality check" with you on the phone to establish the approximate size of the project to make sure we can help you.


If that conversation is positive we arrange to meet and discuss what you and any others involved (often your family) want to achieve both now and in the future. We'll walk around your building or site, talk about your ideas and often come up with possibilities you may not have considered yet.


We'll give you our outline thoughts on planning, design, budget and timescale, although budget and timescale can only be indicative at this stage.

What our clients have said.

We know that selecting the right architect for your project is one of the biggest decisions you will make. To help you decide whether we might right for you, here are a few reasons our clients have given for choosing and recommending us:

  • We communicate well, give peace of mind and are easy to work with.
  • Our modern, energy-saving designs are tailored to each clients current and future needs, lifestyle, aspirations, budget and site.
  • Our regular Cost Reports help clients manage their building budgets and make well informed decisions.
  • A senior architect is involved at every stage of every project to ensure the design doesn’t get “diluted” during construction.
  • We use the latest 3D software for all our projects so we can help our clients to really picture what their new home is going to look like externally or internally.

We hope the above gives you confidence to consider contacting us about your project. We will happily discuss your requirements with you and, if we feel we can help, will arrange to come and see you. If however we feel we are not the best placed to meet your brief we will recommend someone who is.

Wayne Farmilo.

Principal and nominated architect.
  • Bachelor of Architecture (SAIT) 1986.
  • VIC Registration No. 15003.
  • NSW Registration No. 6390.
  • AIA Membership No. 12326.
  • AIA A+ Member

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